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I am looking at a 2004 Cayenne Turbo as my winter car. Can anyone guide me?

1. What is the general maintenece cost on it? Oil Change, Brakes, etc.

2. I will get it checked out at a Porsche Dealership, but is there anything specific I should look for on the 2004 Turbo that is a guaranteed problem.

3. Is it a reasonably reliable car?


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I have a 2004 TT. First, you need to see if the coolant tubes under the manifold have been changed to the metal updated version.
That would save you some trouble and money for sure... around $1200.

As far as oil changes, you are looking at @ $150 for someone else to do them.

I just got my brakes done and it cost about $1500 for front and rear pads, sensors and rotors installed. I got cryo slotted rotors and HPS pads for less than OEM prices.

As far as maintainence, I am now putting new fuel pumps, filter and regulator on and it's going to end up costing me about $1100 installed.

I also just had a bunch of vacuum hoses replaced for about $500 to track down the leaks and repair them.

Another $200 for a replacement torque mount.

I put tires on it for $1500, replaced a horn for about $300 and had some front suspension work done for $1300.

I also took some damage from a piece of tire getting kicked up off the road which meant a new side grill piece and fog light for @ $300.

Oh yeah, replaced the blower fan and resistor too for another $400.

I've got a new leak or something, possibly AC condensation lines coming from under my dash and who knows what that's going to cost.

I also replaced the headlight tray to keep the headlight from shifting and going out for about $150.

This is all pretty typical stuff for one of these. I also source my parts very carefully always buying OEM supplier stuff except for the performance upgrade items. I make sure to get the best possible prices.

My drivers side mirror glass fell out while I was driving down the highway and that's going to cost me about $25 and 45 minutes of my time.

Next, I'm going to have to do plugs and coils ($600) and probably some other assorted maintenance items.

It's a pretty awesome vehicle though and you can expect to pay to maintain what equates basically to supercar perfomance in an SUV.

I would probably do it again but I'd go into with my eyes wide open the next time.

Hope this helps.
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