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Geneva 2011: Porsche Panamera S Hybrid is a 380-HP Green Machine

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Sharing the stage with the brand's first ever hybrid, Porsche has unveiled the Panamera S Hybrid at the Geneva Auto Show. A long way from the 110 year old Semper Vivus machine that debuted in 1900, it speaks not as much to a long standing conern for the environment as it does to a history of engineering epertise.

Motivated by the same 333-hp 3.0L V6 engine and 47-hp electric motor combo as found in the Cayenne hybrid, the Panamera S Hybrid makes 380-hp and can achieve 41.54 mpg (Imperial and using the European test cycle). That should work out to slightly better than the 20/24-mpg rating of the Cayenne hybrid .That number is, however, achieved thanks to special low rolling resistance tires developed by Michelin and with standard tires the car is capable of 39.79 mpg.

Acceleration for this hybrid is brisk with the Panamera a few ticks quicker to 60-mph than its Cayenne hybrid cousin. Sporting an official 5.7 second 0-60 mph time it's one fast hybrid.

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