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You have to love the Brits! Porsche UK has just released a brief promo video for the new GT2 RS that's both entertaining and educational, showing the fastest Porsche ever built being flogged on both the Porsche Experience Center and the Silverstone Grand Prix race track.

With a total of 620-hp from its twin-turbo flat-six engine, the GT2 RS is also incredibly light thanks to a reduction in weight of 154 lbs. Looking at the car it's easy to see where the weight went, with carbon fiber body panels and exterior trim items, carbon fiber seats, carbon ceramic brakes and light-weight forged RS Spyder wheels with center locks.

In fact, Porsche went to such extremes to save weight that the hood logo is actually just a sticker.

Along with a host of other upgrades, the proof comes with a Nürburgring lap time that's well beyond any of the competition, besting the Viper ACR's best time by 4 seconds with a 7:18.

Porsche UK is using the new GT2 RS as a way to help promote its Porsche Experience program, rather than as a way to help sell GT2 RS models – of which just 500 were made and already sold.

If your in the UK or planning a trip there and want to check out the Porsche Experience, click here for more more info.

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