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Happy with my new custom tune on my Turbo Cayenne:) Done in NY

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Just wanted to share with everyone that im happy with my new custom tune i had done on my car on Long Island, NY It cost me $350 for it and we dyoned the car and i made an additional 60WHP gains over stock.

It was done in Lindenhurst NY they are a shop that mainly worked on all Audi's and VW only now they are starting with porsches, I was happy to be one of the first few.

Props to them

They can be contacted here iWantToGoFast.net

They are doing a new site now the old one was taken down and getting some new love
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That's good to hear, seems like your really pleased with the work they've done to your Porsche Cayenne. Can you share what was involved with the custom tune to get the 60 WHP gains over stock? I know a lot of Cayenne owners on here would love to hear what you did to get that.

what mods have you done, what model,
post your dyno graph if you can..
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