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I plan to buy a used Cayenne next spring when I retire and I plan to tow my highly modified Supra Turbo across North America to meets, car shows, and drag strips. With 650 RWHP it has a tendency to break parts now and then so it is unrealiable for long distances and high performance at events.

A friend of mine allowed me to drive his '06 Cayenne Turbo and I fell in love. The Cayenne is much better than the FX35, X5, and Grand Cherokee Ltd.

I was advised to buy a 2008 or newer due to the body style improvements and the 4.8L V8 upgrade...now the question is which one?

Cayenne S, Cayenne Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S

Suggestions would be appreciated. If you have more than one what do you like the most about each and what options could you not live without.

For me I'd need the tow package. As for Navigation I find my Garmin Nuvi's to be the best GPS around so I don't need the stock GPS and I also have handsfree Blue Tooth devices as well. I think I'd prefer a V8 though over a V6.

What the difference between the Turbo and the Turbo S beside the price gap.
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