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hi guys

i hope you can help,
ok first things first, there is a water damp in the passenger footwell / and rear right handside pillar of the car which is going into the boot area. (obviously this is where the amp and battery are, ive also noticed signs of water in the battery charging port, but that could be just from rainwater?)
i have booked it in with porche next month to remedy, it may be a case of the drains need cleaning. ( a common issue on porches with panaramic roof)

2) ive also noticed light grey smoke coming out the exhaust (right hand side)
ive attached pictures of the exhaust and video for reference.... is this anything to be concerned about? (i was driving on e power and only had 1 mile left, so it could be related to the switch between battery and the combusion engine)

the car had its first service done at porche, the rest have been independent.

this is my wife's car as a daily driver and takes the kids to school, just wondering what steps if any i need to take to make sure there are no major issues with the car?

i went back to the private dealership regarding the wet spots and he made an excuse about them cleaning it with a steamer and could be related to that, he then said bring it to him and he will get it sorted. problem is it will cost me £150 or so to take it back and get remedied, whereas may be cheaper for me to get porche to check it (slightly more and fix)

video of the exhaust smoke: Streamable
thank you
and i appreciate your advise


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