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Hi guys

not a Cayenne owner (yet) but really looking into it. It is a expensive purchase and... well I know nothing about cars ! I've seen one which I really like and could be within my budget, but again... apart from the fact that it is red and looks great, i'm a bit afraid of buying something without knowing much !

So is there anyone out here that could guide me through to what to pay attention to, what to look for, and so on..

Here is the link of the one I've seen : 2006 Porsche Cayenne 4.5L S ,4X4 ,LOW KM (( CLEAN TITLE ))

is this a good price ? I live in Vancouver BC and i really like this titanium edition... do you think I could find a better deal in the US ?

Allright, not gonna bother you with a million question but f anyone would take the time to look into it an let me know, I'd be glad to ship you some Canadian beer !

Cheers guys,
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