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Hi everyone!

Thanks for letting me join.

I'd decided a few months ago that my next car would be a Cayenne 957 Turbo or Turbo S.
I was going to wait until my daily driver, a Jaguar S Type 3.0 Sport, needed serious repair, then swap.

Unfortunately, a flash flooded dual carriageway Motorway/A road join, hidden round the exit of a corner, on Tuesday, caused me to have my first accident in 30 years of driving and boy, did I do it properly. The car bounced off barriers on both sides of the carriageway several times before going straight through a barrier and hitting another for an entre slip. Luckily nobody was hurt, but the cars final act was protecting me from harm and the rest is scrap.

I live in the UK and have a budget of £15K to work with, so may be pushing it a bit for a 2007 onwards Turbo S, but a base Turbo should be within reach.

I already have an early 996 911 C2 Cabriolet and a VW T5.1 LWB 140PS DSG7 self built campervan conversion from a Shuttle Transporter, so the Cayenne will be a daily driver and work vehicle carrying around PC's and servers for my one man band IT services company.

I'm also into older 80's and 90's Yamaha motorcycles and have a couple of restored and tuned 250 strokes, in a TDR250 and a TZR250 1KT.

I tend to do my own spannering and servicing as a hobby and thought I'd join to pick up a bit of knowledge.
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