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Hi from Ontario

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Hey Guys,

Im a new memeber here, thought I would introduce myself. I am not currently a Cayenne owner, but hope to be soon. I am looking into purchasing either a Cayenne S or S Turbo. My budger is about 30K, and there are a lot of options when I start looking, all with varying mileage, and options.

I was wondering if you have any suggestion or advice you could give me on buying my Cayenne.

Are there any years that I should stay away from? What kind of mileage can these engine see without fault(assuming they had proper maitenance).

I have found a nice 04 Turbo S with about 100k miles on it, that is in excellent shape, and am wondering if this would be a good buy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Theyre very reliable cars. Havent heard any horror stories about them. So I think its safe to say that you dont have anything to worry about when looking for one. Regardless I would suggest having a mechanic look at the Cayenne first before finalizing the purchase. Goodluck with the search.
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