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I was reading a thread on the Rennlist about a guy who drives in conditions where he wanted to keep his Cayenne at the full height even when going over 65mph, which I understand is the speed at which the computer starts to lower the vehicle.

I did some research and did not come up with any way around this but I ran across the Techart suspension module that allows for a 1 inch higher than high offroad setting and a lower than low setting as well plus an even lower parked position. I thought I had found god. But after the tech at Techart called Germany they said that that module does not work on my 2014 GTS because that vehicle has a lower ride height from the factory than any other models and would put it on the bump stops in the low position. I asked if you could still use it for the higher position and they said no. So all other model owners are ok I guess but not us GTS guys.

But I have an idea for times when you are going to be on a trip that will involve a lot of off tarmac driving. People (Renntech?)sell adjustable linkages that are longer or shorter (?) that fool the ecu into thinking the vehicle is higher than it actually is. I'm thinking you could do the opposite to fool it into thinking it was lower than it actually is so that you could get a higher upper setting.

This wouldn't be something that you would want all the time and I don't know how hard they are to change out. But for trips to Colorado or Arizona with possible back woods roads or if you live where snow is deep for several months out of the year it might be a good plan.

What do you think?
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