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Hey folks,

my customer have a pre-owned Porsche Cayenne Turbo (2004) with Gemballa suspension lowering kit and ECU (500+ hp). Everything is so fine with the car except one simple detail...

The fact that it does not STOP.

he have got changed all four brake rotors, brake pads, checked the hydraulics, replaced every **** liquid in the car, but the stopping power is just not there.

When he hit the road, the brakes are ok, but when his hit the brakes a bit harder, they just start to fade with heat enough to do a blacksmith's work. Now the brakes are still there, but the pedal feels like there were Ronnie Coleman pushing it back and the hydraulics power-assist does not want to assist me in this. Personally, he don't like using the cockpit as a bodybuilding center...

The service says it is my customer "driving style" that causes this. Well, I want to ask what Porsche thought in building a car that goes well over 275km/h but does not return to 0km/h in an equal amount of time. Now, is there a way to stop it?
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