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How do I turn off the Radio & Shut Hatch???

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2014 Cayenne, my first Porsche and I cannot figure out the sound system. It seems that no matter if I leave the radio or CD in the off position when I turn off the car, the next time I start the engine, the radio or CD comes back on. Can anyone help and tell me how to stop the sound system from automatically starting every time I start the car?

Also, is there truly no way to close the tailgate from the key fob? For example, if I am carrying groceries away from the trunk of the car, I cannot press the hatch icon on the key fob to close the tailgate. Is it true I can only close it from the driver's inside door OR the push button on the tailgate?

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully answer my post!
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I'm very sad to see this isn't really a very friendly user's forum. I asked some pretty basic questions here and all I get is that I should buy a PS3, or watch an action movie? When I look through the other questions posted, I rarely see a serious response to anyone. My mistake....I'll look for a real forum.
I have a 2013 Cayenne S and I came to this forum to ask the same question. How the EFF do you turn off the radio? I know how to mute it, but it won't turn off and stay off. You cannot tell me that an $80,000 car lacks the ability to turn off noise. When I start a Porsche, I want to hear a Porsche, not some crap on the radio.

If you ever get a real response (or find a better forum), please let me know, too.
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I can't speak for the radio/GPS unit as mine is aftermarket, but I have kinda thought the responses to (fairly simple) questions to be a bit lacking here. This is a very popular model in the Porsche lineup. Other forums seem to be focused more 911s as a whole though.

Was the dealership any help? This kinda thing should be easy for them...should.
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