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An OBD2, or OBDII, is usually a kind of laptop or computer hardware diagnostics machine that may be compatible with both laptop and desktop computer systems, as well as having a variety of other forms of electronics gear. The OBD2 will run a consistency check on any device it's connected to, making sure that no errors are present and that the hardware is functioning adequately. The OBD2 connects to any personal computer system utilizing its included USB cable.

Three steps:
Locate the USB input on the side of your OBD2. Connect 1 finish of the included USB cable to this USB input.
Connect the other end of the integrated USB cable to any offered USB input on your desktop or laptop Computer.
Turn on each your Computer and also the OBD2. Your OBD2 is now connected to your Pc as well as the on-board diagnostics menu will now load on its LED screen.

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