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Here is a full write-up on how to lower your Cayenne factory air suspension with only a Durametric piwis cable. You do not need a lowering module or lowering links to do this mod. So if you already have a Durametric cable, then this is the cheapest and easiest way to lower your Cayenne.

Since there are over 30 pages of detailed steps, it is not conducive to attaching the images to this thread. Instead, I generated a full page PDF.

You can download the full document here: Durametric Cayenne Lowering Tutorial V2

If you find this document or thread useful, please leave +rep points.

For the "on-the-go" version, here is the brief text format:

Using the Durametric v.6 (download the lastest), it is pretty easy to recalibrate the suspension once your have your independent wheel measurements - although it is not intuitive.

I have used this method a few times before since I lowered my OEM module in a similar manner.

As a overview from memory:

1) connect your ODB-USB cable and open up your Durametric program.

2) browse down the tree on the left side to "Level Control" and select it

3) then select "Adaptation" to be on the calibration screen

4) select "read" . The box below the channel number will say "wait..." Your air suspension will go up and down.

5) when the suspension stops moving and the box changes from "wait.." to "enter". Enter the measurement (in mm) from the wheel displayed. Believe first is "FL" or Front, Driver. Then hit "save". If it accepted your entry, the value in the box will change from "enter" to "learned". If not, then will have to reenter or restart the program/laptop.

6) click the channel "up" button to move on to calibrate the next wheel.

7) do this same step to the other 3 wheels

8) Once all 4 wheels have confirmed "learned", press the channel "up" button one more time to channel "5". Enter "1" to save changes. If the system accepts your changes, it will say "control position learned" in under a minute. If it just sits there and does nothing, you may have to start over from scratch. Sometimes it takes a few times to stick.

9) You will then hear the air suspension adjusting to your new settings - hopefully that means air purging. Enjoy.
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