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A PIWIS Tester 2 PT2 diagnostic system does almost everything on Porsche, including key programming from KEYLESS GO system (the system that deals with keyless entry and immobilizer systems).

Here is the key programming instruction for Porsche Panamera 6Speed 2011:


Porsche PIWIS Tester 2/Ⅱdiagnostic tool

Panasonic CF30 laptop

Panasonic CF30 laptop


Setup PIWIS diagnostic system and install PIWIS tester 2 software on CF30 laptop by referring to the video guide on obd tool webpage
Connect PIWIS TesterⅡdiagnostic tool with vehicle via OBD socket
Go to KESSY menu
Scan for error codes and reset them.
Enter new key assignment menu
Enter the key number of keys you want to program
Switch on the ignition.
Insert the key that will be programmed.
Switch off the ignition.
Enter the factory programming passcode for the key
Cycle the ignition
Repeat the precious procedures when need to program another key.

Check whether your Porsche has the car key programming possibility. You have to access key programming function by ordering the Porsche Piwis Tester 2 Key Programming Remote Service 220.00USD/Once.

1) Provide obdtool.co.uk customer service your car model and year, we will confirm with factory first

2) Pay the Remote Service 220.00USD/Once if your car included

3) Confirm the remote service time and date, as we need to reserve with factory first

4) We will contact you for remote service. Then provide your teamviewer ID, password, car model and year to us online.

from: How To Program Porsche Key With Porsche PIWIS TesterⅡPT2 Diagnostic Tool | OBDTool Blog

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PIWIS 2?As i know,now the newest diagnostic tool special for Porsche have update to PIWIS 3,it can support more cars models,maybe you can check it here:Porsche PIWIS 3
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