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I own myself a 2000 BMW 3 Series 328i 4dr Sedan. My airbag light illuminated several times during the past a few months. Every time I took it to the dealer shop, I was charged 50 $ to 75 $ to have the airbag light reset. Then I realized that I had got myself a DIY airbag reset tool.

One of my school mate recommend me BMW B800 SRS / ABS reset tool. I purchased one at a quite right price $ 24 includes B800 main unit, two connectors and user manual.

It is not difficult to hook up to use First of all, turn ignition switch to "ON" but not start the engine;. Then plug the B800 scanner into the diagnostic socket and press scroll button to CA. After that press enter, display will show and airbag light turn off. I realize that the airbag warning was self inflicted. I had removed drivers' airbag weeks before to paint steering wheel and pinched wires during reassembly.

The second time it helped to quickly reset the SRS system because the door was wire loose. Fixed, used B800 reset tool as instructed and no more air bag light.

I know that B800 works on older BMW vehicle (from 1994 to 2003) on the manual book, so I will not tell a lie that it works as good as on newer BMW vehicles. But it is trustful product for older BMW owners as me.
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