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If your car is suffering from fault code P0401, you may be suffering from some of these causes:

Broken or Split vacuum pipe
Broken or corroded wiring for the EGR System.
Faulty Differential Pressure sensor for the EGR (DPFE)
Faulty EGR Valve

In this case, you have to reset the EGR value.

Tool needs:
Cheap elm327 Bluetooth/WIFI OBD2 scanner or other specific OBD2 fault code scan tool for specific vehicles

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to reset exhaust gas recirculation*(EGR) value with fault code scanners

1) Remove any loose or excessive carbon build up with a flat bladed screw driver.

2)Spray cleaning solution into EGR Valve. Leave to soak for 20mins.

3)If you have a vacuum pump and your EGR Valve is a Vacuum operate one, connect it to the pipe fitting on the EGR Valve and pull a*vacuum to open to EGR Valve.

4)If you have an Electronic EGR Valve and*a diagnostic scan tool capable of*operating the EGR Valve, with the EGR*Valve connected to the wiring harness, open the valve with the*diagnostic tool.

5)Using a soft bristled tooth brush, scrub the EGR Valve, spray further*cleaner into valve if needed. Once all traces of carbon are removed,*using a lint free cloth dry the EGR Valve.

6)Disconnect vacuum pump or OBDⅡdiagnostic tools.

7)Reset the EGR Valve.

8)If your vehicle has diagnostic fault codes detected, you have to get these error codes cleared with the OBD2 scan tool or go to the garage to have them erased.

9)Run a rode test to make sure the fault coeds will not appear.

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I got PS150 Oil Reset Tool +OBDII Scanner mise à niveau complète from obd2warehouse.fr last week,The PS-150 is specially designed to Reset oil service light,Oil inspection light,Service mileage, service Intervals and airbag ,anybody got this?
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