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According to one of the MHhauto member's feedback, SVDI PSA commander is powerful to carry out diagnostic function for Peugeot and Citroen vehicles, but the downside is that it will kill Johnson control BSI when doing odometer correction.

Actually, it is not the device itself will kill BSI, but the incorrect operation steps that determines.

In fact, BSI is not killed in boot mode but in economy mode To explain better my procedure:. No problem when you read BSI connected other car will start on the battery of the vehicle you read BSI because the proceed is not fast and your vehicle goes into economy mod then your BSI remains in boot mod and does not want to start your car if you happen redone a reading of your BSI and finally exit the boot mod reading and more concern, especially connect another car started on the battery of the vehicle to read.

In another easier way: the BSI goes in economy / boot mode because the procedure takes much time - I have to connect another car to the battery of the non-starting car, start the donor-car and then I will be able to connect to the "dead" BSI and revive it by switching off the economy / boot mode.

Here is the correct operation procedure:
First of all, dismantle the fuse wiper and street lamp;
Next, connect the SVDI PSA unit with vehicle to power on the device
Finally, start odometer correction procedure.
SVDI PSA will work 100%.
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