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I bought what I thought was my dream car in the late summer of 2017. A Platinum Edition Cayenne. At first glance, she was a beauty. Unfortunately, we came to find out that she was also possessed.

There were lots of strange electronic weirdnesses. Windows would occasionally go up and down on their own. Radio would change stations on its own. Car would not lock, even though it was being “told” to. But, as rose colored glasses do, I overlooked the strangeness and still saw a beauty.

On vacation with car in the summer of 2019, in literally the middle of nowhere, my kids in tow, the car broke down. Warning lights that said DANGER. Car over heated. Pull over. Stop driving. I did. No hotels, no cell service, stranded with two kids. Scary and a total nightmare.

Porsche Marin (40 miles away from where we were) who we called from the top of a hill where we were able to get one bar of cell service, said they were too busy to help us. Porsche Roadside Assistance was of zero actual assistance. It’s a long story of how we got rescued, but it wasn’t a happy one. Our vacation then became about getting a rental car, canceling plans, and upending all that we had intended for our holiday.

Back at home, the situation happened AGAIN. This time I started mentioning with vigor all the strangenesses of my Cayenne. That it was electrically possessed. Radio wouldn’t turn off, windows moving independently of instruction, moon roof also having a mind of its own, in addition to the locking system. This was always met with denial and that no proof could be found of my assertions.

Then a THIRD time the warning of DANGER, pull over, etc. This time I was on the phone with the Service Manager from the Dealership, kids again in the car. As with all the other electrical craziness, I was told that there was nothing wrong with my car.

Which brings me to the present. 3 days before Christmas 2021, the car had a catastrophic power failure WHILE DRIVING, that could have cost me, or my family members, our lives if the situation had been even slightly different. Thankfully, it was not. After all the drama, the car pushed to the side of the road by a tow truck driver, the car started again as it nothing happened!!! See? POSSESSED!!

Now Porsche has agreed to a buy back, but they are only willing to use the present mileage number. This plus denying that I could use a loaner to get through the holidays (had a road trip vacation planned), forcing us to cancel our vacation so that I could search for a new car in the midst of the Covid car crisis that we all know about. Shameful.

The low ball number from Porsche North America is offensive. The attitude regarding getting through the holidays without ruining our plans, disgusting. Truly the most miserly of attitudes I’ve ever experienced from a company. That’s our story…
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