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What is Club Motoring?
Club Motoring is the first and only social couponing site dedicated solely to everything automotive, from the finest parts, accessories and vehicles, to expert and reliable services, and even exciting shows and events. Our unprecedented dual sales platform combines the viral promotion of Daily Deal discounts with the convenience and selection of Featured Seller Stores, taking automotive buying and selling to the next level.

· Daily Deals: This aggressive viral sales model exposes your exclusive Deal and brand to an unlimited audience of potential buyers!
· Featured Seller Stores: Your new online store provides an exciting new venue to sell and promote your products and engage new customers! Your Featured Seller store is truly your own venue. You upload the inventory, set the pricing, hold sales...all at your discretion.
Thanks to hyper-targeted and robust pre-launch marketing efforts, Club Motoring's pilot Deals will be delivered to over 6,000 targeted registered users and then shared across the digital world.

Why should I sell my products at Club Motoring?
· No cost involved until we drive traffic to your website. Club Motoring's fees range depending on your listing category and discount offered. No risk for your business.
· We are new and specific to the automotive world dual sales system.
· Being a combination between Groupon and EBay, we are a win-win business proposition.
· We have 6,000 + members.
· You can use our platform to liquidate stagnant inventory.
We would love to partner with you, both as featured Seller and to include you in our initial lineup of Daily Deals.

You can visit our website here http://www.clubmotoring.com.
For more details, contact us at [email protected].
Become our fan on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ClubMotoring#!/ClubMotoring.
Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/clubmotoring
Follow us on LinkedIn - http://linkd.in/Whtvcn and http://linkd.in/XzbhDd
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