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Hey there everyone, I'm James. Recently started looking at another vehicle to keep everyone in the family driving, I've never owned or (until this weekend) driven a P vehicle.
So, a little about me:
Prior military working on F14's and F18's, came to Boeing in '98 on the F22, did construction/real estate for a while, currently working at Boeing on the 787. Been a car guy since I got my first bite from the speed bug back in 1997 in the form of a 91 MR2 Turbo and it's been downhill since then.
Currently in our stable:
1991 BMW M5 - D'Sylva chip, stereo, full repaint
1998 BMW 740iL - fully rebuilt engine, ported and polished, cams, sleeved block for future TT setup, 6speed swap, lower on Bilstein shocks and H&R Stage II springs.
2001 BMW X5 4.4 - software tune, lowered on BC Racing coilovers, iForged staggered 20's (275F/315R), Eaton M112 supercharger setup pushing 6-8psi in the works.
2001 Suzuki TL1000R - changed the teeth gearing to -1 in the front and +2 in the rear, upgraded chain, custom painted fairings, custom projector headlight, undertail, 40 shot of NOS (have yet to install it)
2002 Ford F150 Harley Davidson - fully rebuilt engine, ported and polished, cams, upgraded from the stock Eaton 1.6l M112 to a larger Kenne Bell 2.3lowzilla, all supporting fuel mods, frame stiffening system, Dynamat throughout (had to do headers once I passed the 500HP mark, but I still want to be able to DD the truck), lowered w/ shackles in the rear.
2008 Scion tC (GF's car that would be turned into the kids car, then she'll drive the X5) - aftermarket wheels, CAI
Now, as for the Cayenne's I'm looking at. I'm still on the fence, each has it's pros and cons, and I'm still researching (just read a thread where I should be getting these both for a few thousand less) but I figured I'd get the intro outta the way and do my own thread searching before I go asking questions that have already been asked.
2005 w/ 106k - https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/4592428205.html
- Aftermarket intake (have yet to determine the brand, I just saw red silicone hosing under the engine dressing)
- Aftermarket exhaust (looks similar to the Cargraphic system after watching some of Fabspeeds comparison videos, but the dressing shield between the mufflers looks different) I've yet to see if it has the 2nd cats deleted or the rest of the exhaust system
- I'm going to call software companies to see if they can tell me if it has their software based on the VIN. It does great at holding gears during deceleration, so that's what's making me wonder if this is normal or something that happens after getting tuned. It admittedly feels slightly laggy (I'm spoiled by the INSTANT torque of my SC'd truck), but once it comes on, it's hard not to let off the throttle :D
- 106k miles
- Parking sensors
- 20" wheels
- Aftermarket LED taillights
- Aux headphone jack and iPod connections in the glovebox
From how it feels compared to my X5, plenty of power. I wish the turbo's and BOV we're more audible, but that's something I look into later if I get it.
- Salvage title from a rear end hit. I don't mind the salvage so long as it was repaired and still functions structurally in the case of a rear impact while I'm owning it. The owner showed me pics of when he bought it at the auctions, and it didn't seem that bad. Bumper was knocked off, the mufflers were broken where they're welded together (he redid the welds, it doesn't leak). There is still a bend in the plastic bumper on the RH side by the tailgate, then there is a crease on the RH bottom corner of the tailgate itself.
- Tailgate won't open via the button, it has to be done w/ the key
- No sunroof
- He claims that only recently it gave him the amplifier failed warning so I couldn't listen to the stereo
- No service records since it's an auction car. He's done an oil change and changed the drivers side front 02 to get rid of a CEL
- Slight vibration at highway + speeds
- Decent clunk when I put it into reverse on his sloped driveway with the nose pointing upwards
- Drivers side red button for the belt buckle release is broken. It still functions, but the plastic portion is cracked
2004 w/ 120k - https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/4614950531.html
- 22" wheels
- Front brakes redone recently, I'm not sure about the rear
- Body is clean minus a small dimple on the hood and a couple marks on the bumper around the hitch
- Sunroof
- History for the past 2 or so years from them owning it and servicing it at either a Porsche indy or a friend who worked at a local shop.
- I doubt I'd use them, but has the roof rack crossbars
- Bose system (not sure if that's standard and I didn't pay attention to it on the previous listing since the stereo wouldn't turn on)
- Hood shock needs replacement
- Needs valve cover gaskets (started smoking from the drivers side after a short 5-10 min around the neighborhood he lives in. I was never able to get over 30MPH (I was coming back from a vacation when I happen to be in the area and looked at it, kids in the car) so I don't know how the wheels/suspension will do on the highway
- Door speakers rattle (might need to be retightened throughout)
- No parking sensors (EDIT - apparently it does, they've been disconnected by the previous owner)
- At slow speeds of around 5MPH, I could let on and off the gas slightly and hear a clunking sound. I'm wondering if this is a driveline support bearing/guibo donut issue
That's all I've got off the top of my head. I'd like some opinions if you've got them, links of threads if something sounds immediately familiar, otherwise I'll continue reading up like I have been the past few weeks. Yesterday is the first time I've driven one of these, so the only issues I knew of really was coolant pipes and transmission valve bodies, so now I've got some new things to look into before I decide.
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