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Is there any benefit on using Seafoam on a brand new Cayenne?

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Ive used Seafoam on used cars before and I know they do make a difference on older cars. But for new ones, do they actually have any real benefit? Maybe something like preventing gunk from building up?
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What does Seafoam exactly do? I googled it and from what I saw it apparently supposed to clean your engine?
its only used to clean up gunk. if anything you can probably use it after 1000 miles after you break in the engine just to clean up any gunk there caused by the break-in period.
So it just cleans up the dirty engine. Sounds like its only good on higher mileage engine. That explains all the smoke I see in the Seafoam videos on youtube.
Thanks for all the info. I guess I'll just stick to using it on higher mileage vehicles. I just enjoy watching the smoke show that you get when you use it. Hahahahaha.
LUCAS gas treatment does about same. Gd luck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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