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According to some media reports, Audi’s owned sportscar maker Lamborghini will use next generation Porsche platforms to develop a successor to the LM002 “Lambo Rambo” and its first all new four-door sedan.

The Italian automaker may use the next-generation Porsche Cayenne SUV platform for a modern LM002 and might also use the next-generation Panamera platform to underpin a production version of the four-door Estoque, first shown at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.

However, Lamborghini models are not likely to get the same engine range, at least not the diesel and hybrid ones.

You may recall that Volkswagen announced late last year that Porsche would now be responsible for the engineering of the Group’s new sports cars and luxury sedans.

Another reason Lamborghini would be keen to launch an SUV of its own is the edge it will give the automaker over Ferrari.

“Ferrari can’t follow into this market, because it has no links to SUVs at all,” a source said. “Lamborghini is entirely credible as an SUV maker, but it can’t do it alone. And as Porsche has shown it already knows how to do it, it makes sense to work together.”

Porsche/Lamborghini vehicle rendering

Porsche & Lamborghini teaming up to develop vehicles can only mean one thing to us, cooler cars!

I always loved what both brands had to offer and having them collaborate will be interesting.

Ferrari will really need to do something here to keep up in the game.
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