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Yup, you got it right. CARiD Free Wheels Giveaway continues!

Giving away stuff turned out to be real fun and we’re even getting somewhat addicted to it. :D

This time, we’re supported by Lexani, one of the world’s most respected wheel brands. Through Jun 1, 2012 you can enter for your chance to win a set of Lexani wheels worth up to $1500!

To enter, complete the entry form located at CARiD.com - Promotions & Specials

You don’t need to have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus account in order to enter. All you need is to be a 18+ legal resident of the USA or Canada (void where prohibited). See the full sweepstakes rules here: Official Rules

The winner will be selected at random in one month. Subscribe to CARiD’s updates in your social network not to miss anything:

Google+: https://plus.google.com/102507391089465014558
Facebook: CARiD.com | Facebook
Twitter: CARiD Auto Parts (@CARiD_com) on Twitter


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