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You can't afford to buy a Porsche, so you buy the next best thing Porsche merchandise. It's cheaper, right? Not so much, especially when it comes to this Porsche watch.

For the ever-so-outrageous price of $270,000 (you're not reading it wrong and we didn't add a few extra zeros to mess with your head), you can pick up the limited edition Porsche Design Indicator timepiece. For sale right now at the Porsche Design store in Dubai Mall, this limited edition watch there's only 50 available costs AED 990,000 (that's about $270,000 with the current exchange rates).

A product of a partnership between Porsche and Swiss watchmaker Eterna, the Indicator is made with a mix of 18-carat rose gold, natural rubber and titanium. Held on your wrist by a rubber strap that looks like Porsche tires, the watch's clasps and body are made of rose gold, and it features a titanium face. The watchs face comes equipped with a stop watch and second timer, and a dial turns from green to red when the watch runs low on power.

For this price, you'd think that the Indicator gets its power from unicorn farts. Nope it gets its juice from the movement of your wrist (which is still pretty cool).

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For the price of that Porsche design watch i would at least expect it to come with a complimentary Porsche Cayenne or another Porsche of some sort lol.

I see this watch as a collector item. $270 000 sounds like a lot now, but just wait 10+ years down the road when the price of these will go up pretty high.
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