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Hello my name is Chris Mandly. I have been obsessed with the Porsche Cayenne since I first saw one in 2003. The Cayenne got me into cars and now I am obsessed. Since then I have been working hard to finally buy one. Just graduated college in May and after working in the auto industry all through HS and College (at 2 Porsche dealerships, 2 Bentley, One Rolls-Royce and on Lambo dealer) I finally closed on a 2008 Turbo this am! Couldn't be happier!

It will be the official vehicle of my new business in Palm Beach Florida ( Bancroft Automotive, Luxury broker and concierge ) I look forward to joining the Cayenne community as the Cayenne is and forever will be my favorite vehicle of all time.

Here is my new baby! Now just waiting for delivery!


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