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Long time Porsche lover . . never a buyer . . . Research

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Hello! I've always loved Porsche and everything about them but up until now I've never been in the position to buy one.

I was looking at the 2012 SRT8 Jeep until they came out with pricing of $60k which there is no way that will happen. In that ballpark there are a ton of great slightly loved GTSs out there. I believe that is the direction I'm going with and can't wait to start the research. I don't have a problem spending $60k but why when the other options are fantastic!

This will basically be my wife's vehicle if she needs to use it (more than likely a garage queen) and then our weekend cruiser/road trip.

Thanks for having a great site and can't wait to learn!

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The Jeep SRT-8 is nice, but I agree $60K is too much, better off getting a Cayenne, you made the right decision.

I found tons of Porsche Cayenne info here, this website is quite helpful

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!
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