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Looking for some information on brakes, scanner tool and air suspension

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Hello everyone since I am new to owning a Porsche Cayenne. I am looking for some information. This 2016 GTS I bought I want to replace the brakes all around. I have a few questions about the brake system on these trucks.

1. I see there is Brake Wear Sensor. I have never had this on any of my other cars before. So I know how to do basic Brake jobs bleeding and changing pads and rotors. When it comes to this brake wear sensor do you have to rest anything in the control system on the car? Or can I just pop the calipers off push the piston back in and replace the pads and put everything back together and call it a day?

2. Is there anything else I need to know about the brake system? I see you need some special tools like Tripple Square Spline bits. Is there anything else that I might need? I see there are some different Caliper colors. I have Red ones. Does that mean anything or is it just paint colors?

3. What is a good scanner tool for these trucks? I need something that can read all Porsche systems. Even though the truck is new to me it is still used and I know it is going to need some work. Yesterday I had a Chassis system failure park vehicle safely pop up. So I want to see if I can figure out what is going on with that as well. But I need to be able to read the system.

Thank you for any information that you can give.
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Hi Jay,

I cannot answer 1 or 2 but for 3 I use this scanner:

Amazon.com: LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner for Car, 2023 Elite CRP129X Scan Tool with 8 Services Oil/EPB/SAS/TPMS/BMS/Throttle/DPF Reset,Injector Coding, ABS SRS TCM/Engine Code Reader, WiFi Lifetime Free Update, Auto VIN : Automotive

However, I'm not sure if it will satisfy your needs. It certainly does the trick for me and reads all of the systems. Beauty of using Amazon is if it doesn't work out for you, send it back.

Good luck and hope you enjoy your new Cayenne.
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