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While Xenatec is dreaming up a Porsche Cayenne pick-up truck, Merdad is doing the opposite offering a true two-door coupe conversion for the Porsche Cayenne. Yes, you can rub those eyes again because they’re not deceiving you, this is no dream concept car.

We don’t know much about Merdad, but the company is owned by someone who worked with Uwe Gemballa for five years. Whether that’s good news or bad news now that Gemballa is defunct may be irrelevant. Merdad is based out of the United Kingdom and this two-door conversion will probably make their name known amongst Porsche enthusiasts.

The conversion will be available for first and second generation Cayennes and is fully complemented with styling accessories. A full body kit with front and rear bumpers, side skirts and wheels finish off the outside while the interior is also redone. Though there are no real concrete details, Merdad also throws in power-adders pushing the Cayenne Turbo output to 750-hp.

We’re really digging this sportier Porsche Cayenne, but the interior photo is a little underwhelming. But for anyone interested in form over function, this conversion is a must-have!

[ Source: AutoGuide.com ]

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loving this one here.

Merdad has a new fan, me! Too bad I don't know what the Merdad body kit price is. I think it's safe to say were lookin at $10 000-15 000 for the body kit alone. Also another $20 000 for performance. Not cheap, but i bet it gives the cayenne a whole different feel.
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