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Just out of the blue Misha Designs came up with a rather brilliant wide boy kit for the old Porsche Cayenne 955/957 series. This is good news for the owners of this car who are not willing to get rid of it, and spend a lot more on the 958 Cayenne. This kit will keep the car looking fresh for at least another year.

The facelift Misha has designed for the 955 has something of the 958 Turbo about it. The bumpers and LED lights seem to be inspired by that, but the massively flared arches and tall skirts, plus the rear spoiler and diffuser are all Misha’s. The car is wrapped in a nice matte white and has Cayenne’s stock wheels here. But they will be fitting it with a set of bespoke DPE 22-inch rims.

The plan is to show the complete car at the 2012 SEMA in DUB booth.

Misha Designs Widebody Porsche Cayenne 955 | Motorward
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