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Music in the car.

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Where do you guys download music to play in your car?
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It is easier than you think, especially if you are used to listen music on YouTube. There are a lot of easy to use websites, where you need just to insert the link to your video and push the button "download". I am sure that it is much more useful. I have been already used this option for 2 years to download lectures and podcasts for my university. I recommend you to try https://youtubemp3.la, because there is possible to install the app on your phone. Of course, it is totally for free. Hope that I have helped you.
I use Spotify and I really like this app, I have Spotify premium. It's an ad-free service and you get the access to its huge music library (over 50 million songs).
I always listen to the music that I have Apple Music
I found really great radio station, so now it's not an issue for me. But when I want something different I also use Spotify
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