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Hoping for a little advice or help. I'm 0 for 3 on my vacations to Colorado.

A little back ground. My wife's 05 DD Cayenne V6 had been maintained perfect. Not any issues. Everything work as new until we take it on vacation.
We are here in Kansas at 2200' elevation.

We can go 500+ miles to Colorado without a hiccup. Once we get to a place call Monarch Pass which is 11,400 feet, it goes into a limp mode type of feel. Engine wont rev, trans wont shift. If we come to a stop, it idles perfect, but has no power. It limps over the Mtn ( about 10 miles) and then it is a 10 mile downhill sections that needs zero throttle. Once we get to about 9,000 ft it runs perfect again. It always happens in the same 3-6 mile area of highway.
I need to add, that it NEVER pops a code!

Last year (its second time) we were in the same 1 mile section as it happened the year before. Came home, had a dealer hook it up to their machine and nothing! I went ahead and changed the filter, plugs and coilpacks hoping that would help. Just this last weekend, it did it again within 5 miles of last year.

We then spend 3 days at 8,500-9,500 feet, no problems. Head home,
but on its return trip, it never misses a beat.

Is this something I just need to deal with? Is the PCM learning?

any suggestions?

Thanks for reading
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