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Hello All,

Bit of a strange one here.

Have been a Merc fan for a while and currently getting rid of my G500. Was looking for a good off roader and came across the KN.Never considered it as a serious off roader (having once had to pull one out of a field), but have been rather impressed with what I have seen and read to date - its about the rubber, attitude and confidence to try!. Second hand prices are currently rather good for quite a lot of car here in the UK so looking around came across this website and need help in being 'educated' by people who a) Actually own them and b) If anyone takes theirs off road! :confused:

Have looked at the best that Britain can offer, and frankly when you're called by the Range Rover friends to pull them out of the snow, mud or to rescue them because it has broken down..... you hopefully can get my thoughts on them :)

Jap stuff, while good, does not really 'cream my Twinkie'. I like different and I suppose thats why I am here. So, be gentle, forgive stupid questions and share you knowledge and wisdom to someone who has never liked Porsches (except the 928) but is willing to be convinced.

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