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I had my first week of driving my Cayenne Hybrid to work. First a little background, my old car was a BMW X6 35i (V6) and my commute is 35 miles each way. I live in the Washington DC suburbs of Virginia and traffic sucks. On average it takes me about an hour each way to get to work. In the BMW I would fill up on Monday and by Thursday night I would have to fill up again. This week I made it home on Friday with over a quarter of tank left. The BMW computer was showing about 16 miles to a gallon and the Cayenne is showing about 22 miles a gallon for the week. The one thing I did notice, that adds to even more gas savings is the trip computer on the Cayenne shows that 32 minutes of my hour long morning commute was on battery power. This is because I take back roads and there lots of lights so the engine shuts down a lot. But it is nice to go to the pump once a week even though it still cost $90 ($4.20 gas sucks).
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