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A few days ago I had no idea this venue existed. I'm a former Rennlist Super-Moderator (see HTTP:/notonrl.com) for why "former". I've also been a moderator/administrator at quite a few BMW (motorcycle and car) forums in the past. The name may seem familiar - since I use the same one everyplace.

After being given the boot at Rennlist - I was adrift - most of the other Cayenne forums had become somewhat moribund, probably thanks to the excellence we grew at Rennlist. Problem was - Rennlist wasn't an acceptable place any longer. So - here I am. I'm hoping to grow this forum to greatness. All we need is an active member base. To get there we all need to help promote the forum/site. I'd suggest when posting to other forums, or FB Cayenne groups that you include references to this forum. Your help will make the forum useful and productive for the members.

Thanks for anything you can do to help move this forum to the forefront of Cayenne venues!
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