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Out here in Western Mass, we've got about three months under our belt with 2014 Cayenne. Last Porsche owned was a 944, 15+ years ago. Cayenne is great, displaced 2004 E500 4Matic, which displaced my '08 Cooper S LOL. Primary driver of the porsche will be my wife (lucky her) around town, but I'm the driver on trips. So I'll DD the E500 which isn't a bad ride. My BAD ride is actually a 2001 Ford SVT Lightning, which is my modern muscle truck that is putting down about 450 RWHP and 540 RWTQ. It's my cruise night/car show ride, keeps this senior citizen young at heart.

My background is Industrial Design, worked in the toy & video game R & D area all my life, always been a performance enthusiast, have owned multiple Corvettes, BMWs, Mercedes, and a few classics over the years.

Hope to get some insight on the Porsche's bells & whistles.

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