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Hi there-

I joined up hoping to inform a possible purchase of a 2011 Cayenne S with 130k. This would be my first Porcshe, a big change from the BMW 750 I've been driving since 2009 ('06 model).

I am pretty car saavy....I've rebuilt the suspension on my car twice, I've put a new drive shaft in mine and rebuilt 80% of the coolant system in mine. Now that I have two good indie's I trust I've stopped working on my own car.

I am hoping to learn what the achilles heels are with this car/model. What are the things that are guaranteed to need replacing? What are the issues some of these cars have but others do not? I am extremely knowledgable on my car having been very hands on with it for 12 years. Is a 10 year old Cayenne S a dangerously expensive proposition? I don't want to have to wrench on my cars going forward and don't want some that bleeds the bank account either.

VERY happy to have found this place and VERY appreciative of your time if you can share some intel for me.

Thanks & Best,
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