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Hi, new member here. Got my first Porsche 4 years ago, 2014 Cayenne S, and I love it as a daily driver and touring car. Changed plugs and coils at 64k. 90k on it now, and getting an occasional Reduced Engine Power red warning message, flashing once or twice, only during engine warm up within a minute of starting. No noticeable reduction in engine power, but I am not pushing it during warm up. On one occasion the warning continued flashing so I stopped, turned off engine, restarted and everything reset fine. Getting a DME code P0332. No CEL. Any thoughts? Thank you. Matt

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Hi Matt - welcome to the Cayenne Forums. I'm moving this thread to the model specific Cayenne section so it might be seen by more people who could have answers.

Meanwhile - P0332:
Porsche said:

Diagnosis information - Control unit DME (DFI)

Knock sensor 2

Diagnostic conditions

  • Short test
  • Engine running , at:
  • Period since engine was started > 10 Second(s)
  • Engine temperature > 50 °C (°F)
  • Engine speed > 1,000 1/min
  • different load ranges
Possible fault causes
  • Loose contact or corrosion on connectors or lines
  • Short circuit to B+/ground/between lines or open circuit in the lines
  • Knock sensor 2 loose or braced
  • Knock sensor 2 Faulty
  • Level Engine oil too low
  • Engine Faulty (Mechanical fault)
Fault setting condition(s)
  • The fault is detected if the signal of the knock sensor changes insufficiently or is too weak (noise is >>quieter<< than expected).
Fault effects
  • If the fault is stored, the ignition timing is retarded for all cylinders affecting this knock sensor in the [knock-control active] range.
  • Knock control adaptation is idle.
Could be a case of a knock sensor starting to fail. They aren't too easy to get to, they live under the intake manifold. If you've had an coolage leakage, it's possible one has been damaged by the coolant. Or one of the other issues outlined above.

Good luck with this - and please do share the resolution to this problem when you get it fixed.. that helps other people down the road if they experience the same issue.
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