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I registered for this forum to get some opinions on this Cayenne I'm looking at. It is a 2004 Turbo with 84,000 miles on it for $25,000. Do you think this is a good deal? The vehicle looks like it is in excellent condition from the pictures, but I haven't viewed it in person. What questions should I ask the seller before making the 5 hour trek to go look at it?


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Welcome to this forum.

I found good Cayenne info on here, you should find it as helpful as i did!
$25 000 does sound like a good deal but you will want to get a report on the vehicles history. $25 000 is good, and it might be too good. Just make sure you get a report of any accidents it had and any work that has been done.

Ask the seller about the follow:

- Warranty, any left?
- Any current problems or awkward sounds coming from the vehicle?
- Maintenance records if available?
- Vehicle History report (as i mentioned above)

5 hours is quite some time to drive to see this vehicle. If you post the pic's we can give you our opinion on it.

Is it a private seller or a dealership?
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