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Hi everyone,

Greetings from the Salt Lake City area! I'm Rob and I bought an 08 Cayenne S for my wife about 5 months ago (where does the time go?). It's our first Porsche, but won't be our last! I finally searched for and found this forum. Love it (the Cayenne and the site both). Only problem is my lack of seat time in it...I've got a high performance motorcycle (Honda Blackbird) to keep me sated, though.

This is our first "high performance" car, and we are loving it. It had 85000 miles and had all its service records showing it serviced at the right intervals by the original dealer. So high mileage, but well maintained.

My wife loves the feel of the Cayenne...so NOT a minivan...it simply makes a drudgery of a drive pleasurable. The pleasure part is welcome, because she spends a lot of time in it...we're racking up 1500 miles a month. She'll be at 100000 not too far into the new year.

So I am looking for all the wrenching and "user-maintenance" tips I can get. In 3 years or so, I'm guessing this will be my "hand me down" from her when we get her a newer (probably hybrid) Cayenne. I'm already thinking of this car in the same way as my motorcycle. More of a pet than a mere machine. I just wanna take good care of it. (Which mean me learning to take care of it. I can't afford to take this one into the vet every four months!)

Sorry for the long initial post (with no photo, even!). Promise I'll get one up soon. Look forward to getting involved with the forum!
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