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Hi guys, here in the UK new to the Cayenne but not to Porsche..
im just about to buy a 2003 Cayenne and i was wondering if any of you guys had any knowledge of this particular car...it has been ridiculed quite alot on the internet as a previous owner did a few things that where quite bizzarr. Its a 2003 4.5 s with LPG but it has had a 2007 facelift and a gambella kit put on it...painted Ferrari red (the badged it as a ferrari
It has now had its proper Porsche badges put back on and reasonable wheels ect and i really like how it looks...it has low miles circa 70k but i would like to know if anyone on here knows of the car and if so, do they know if it has suffered any mechanical issues such as borescore. It has the uprated ali coolant hoses.

Here is a link to its misguided Ferrari days...

Porsche Cayenne wearing Ferrari Mars Red colour and badges is up for sale

Cheers guys in advance
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