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My desire to own a Porsche as finally been matched with me needing a newer company car. Still having younger soccer playing boys has confirmed the Cayenne is best fit for me.

I am looking for a used Cayenne for a variety of reasons, the biggest being the younger soccer playing boys, I mentioned above. They are still enjoying life with out the realities of the real world and having a used Cayenne in the driveway will allow me to relax a little more.

As I will be on the road several days a week, I have decided to the Cayenne will help be to enjoy the ride.

I am here to gain an understanding of what I should look for and avoid when shopping for a used Cayenne. I do not know anything about the required maintenance for these vehicles or at what milage milestones they require a more extensive servicing.

Thank you for the warm welcome and thank you in advance for your help in my search.

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