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Hi all , soin here.. Just signed up as my fiancé and I are soon to be adding porsche number 3 to the fleet in the form of a cayenne turbo. Our budget isn't huge so will be looking at early used cars 04 - 06 in the region of 25-40k tops. Our first experience was last week at a Hyundai dealership when we test drove an 06 S model, the car was solid and the engine silky smooth and quiet, pick up was respectable however we like our cars loaded so prefer the extensive leather and pcm etc, the next car was a cheapo @ $12k and instantly the engine sounded very cammy and ticky in comparison...walked away quickly as it sounded rough compared to the previous car

About to look at two more cars on Monday, an 04 turbo and an 06 turbo S

Watch this space

I'm off to read thru the forums and glean all I can prior to Monday

Cheers all
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