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I have a Porsche PIWIS clone and it's works fine. It has most PIWIS Tester II functionality, can reset error codes, code modules, read current module data, update module firmware etc.

They generally can't do SCN coding (i.e. the coding required when a new control module is installed to lock it to VIN), key programming, or security coding in general - well not without paying additional 'one-time' use fees.

I've updated it a number of times to the latest version without any problems.

Durametric (also called Porsche PIWIS cable) is a great tool but you can't code on a 981/991/Macan etc.

Well I for one am an avid Porsche fan.

Had a Boxster (three in fact) for 10 years plus and only recently switched to a Macan due to a little one.

Done lots of retro-fits, illuminated door sills, coloured seat belts, TV tuner retrofit on the Boxster, if you're interested just PM me and I'll happily send them; just to prove I'm a real person

I'd have had both Durametric and the PIWIS 2 clone, if budget allows the Porsche PIWIS Tester II clone is a better option. It just does more.
Porsche PIWIS Tester II clone another review-OBD365.com
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