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off-road minded

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Hello all,

Glad to see another Cayenne forum online. The last one was good and its too bad it faded away.

I spent about 2 years researching the Cayenne and the possibilities of it to become an off-road purpose-built vehicle. I ran into many road blocks, the biggest being vender support. Unless you're going to tune your engine or add aerodynamic bodywork, there really isn't much out there for parts. On the other hand, if you have a Jeep, Toyota or Range Rover - there is no limit to what you can find.

I took a break for about a year now, call it writer's block. On thing I still do is periodically check Craig's List on the values. Easy to say that 2003-2006 models can be found for under 20k here in Phoenix, and the 2008-2010 models still have a little bit to depreciate before they come into a price range that people are willing to spend on a vehicle to seriously use off-road.

Back in 2009 a felt that the vehicle would have a second-coming in 5-10 years when the masses realized what the Cayenne really was and how it could be adapted into one heck of an off-road vehicle with a minimal initial ivestment with room for modification costs.

So I'm saying hi, hoping to hear some thoughts on the off-road aspects. Maybe the moderators can start an off-road column!
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Welcome! Good first post, really got me into the off road cayenne topic. I was looking into this a while back but lost interest.

I think the Cayenne as an off-road purpose built vehicle can be done as long as you have the money! The Cayenne has been out for a while now, long enough for someone to already be doing this ( i hope), so i bet there's someone out their we can use as an example. Have you seen any yet?

I'd imagine with all the extra electronics and computer systems the Cayenne has compared to other SUV's, it might be a complicated process, you seem to know more though.

What do you think it would cost to have a "basic" off-road setup on a Cayenne?
I would plan to spend $2500-4000 on things to make the experience better. Roof rack with lights, winch, basic recovery items, a fridge, maybe a roof-top tent, and a full size spare.

The vehicle itself is already advanced, plus its going to be difficult to find parts upgrades past the muffler and other street mods. There's going to be limitations until major modifications to the suspension are being distributed - so the way I see it is just get out and have some fun.
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