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Old Porsche Cayenne Wrapped in Starlight Red

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Have you ever noticed how some the old SUV that seemed to belong to hooligans and footballers survive on the road today with older gentlemen behind the wheel? Does that mean that footballers really do age and start dawning sweaters and wooly jumpers?

Who knows, but some of those footballers bought at least two Porsche Cayenne or Range Rovers because they loved them so much. And now as the vehicles age, some of them are being given to the footballers’ kids who are turning 18.

It’s a stupid theory, but this is the only way we can explain the fact that an old Porsche Cayenne has been wrapped in ‘Red Starlight’ by WrapStyle in Slovakia. The SUV looks clean and stylish now, and also dawns a set of blacked out wheels. The wrapped body sparkles in the sun, and we can’t say it’s a bad color either.

Old Porsche Cayenne Wrapped in Starlight Red - autoevolution

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