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I bought last September 2020 a Cayenne Turbo 2005 with a non functioning panorama sunroof. I was told a sun roof motor had gone - but there are three... Command module gone - over £800 to replace plus fitting etc. I love an opening roof so last weekend 11/4/2021 I decided to see if I could do anything manually to open and close the various segments. It worked. I now have a fully functioning Panorama roof controlled by manual force not by electrics. Firstly get to the winder for the roller blind. Unclick front roof module with the rotating knob and pull down whole - nothing to disconnect or unscrew. You'll clearly see the slot where the emergency Allen key goes in - more often than not there will be worn splines etc that's why everything gets jammed up . There is a small metal plate with three screws surrounding the allen key slot, take out screws, take off plate, you will see two plastic gears just pull both off. You will see a domed ribbed plug 1 cm across (where allen key goes) This will be damaged and worn . Pull that off to leave a squarish void which you can then put 1.1cm square or hexagon plug into - I used an old sump plug tool I had - turn with a socket set spanner and use to open or close roller bling at will. Do exactly the same for rear and front sliding roof elements accessed through vent over rear back rest - again an allen key opening but probably worn so take part of lining off abutting rear door which gives you access (under the lining abutting sun roof itself) to the rear sliding roof winder and the front sliding roof with draught excluder winder. Same principal as you did for roller blind - take off metal plate and plastic gears and dome and wind up or down with the tool you used for the roller blind and access through the rear vent. All works and you can manually open all or some of the panorama roof elements, you just cant do it electrically. Tim Bristow 00447836 761541 or email and if its helpful I can post some photos on site too.
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