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Panoramic Roof Issue.

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Hi to all, I’m a new member on the forum and am very impressed with the content on here. I have a 9PA (2008) 3.6 petrol and it’s one of the best cars I’ve had in a long time……except, the panoramic sun roof. I’ve heard and read of all the horror stories regarding these and the guy I bought it off made it very clear it did not work. My mechanic, a very experiences guy in top end cars has done all of the normal things, checked the fuses, plugged in the diagnostic machine (no faults shown) and has reported back that he can’t get it to do anything…..not the blind or any part of the roof operates…..no clicking no noise……nothing. Can anyone throw any light on what this could be? We’re thinking the roof switch console, but that’s more a guess than a diagnosis. Many thanks in anticipation.
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