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As automatic transmissions have gained gears over the years, the traditional stick shift has remained untouched, its six forward gears (or even just five) providing plenty of fun for the driver, but at the expense of the quick shifting performance of single and dual-clutch automatics.

Leave it to Porsche to chance all that, with Car & Driver now reporting several internal sources at the automaker have confirmed the next-gen 911 will get a 7-speed stick shift.

It's not clear what gear ratios Porsche is planning to use so this may mean a little more shifting by drivers. Driven not only by an attempt to level the laying field with the companys own PDK dual-clutch automatic in terms of performance, the extra cog should aid in hitting increasingly strict fuel economy and emissions targets.

The next-generation 911, code named 991, is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September, with a longer wheelbase for added stability, while some rumors have indicated the engine will be moved slightly forward to more of a mid-engine layout.

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A 7 speed gear shifter will look weird, but really sick at the same time on a Porsche!
I can already see the benefits of the 7-speed porsche transmission. Better fuel economy and a faster car. Although you don't buy a Porsche to save on fuel, it will help make the Porsche 911 look better on paper.
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