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Porsche will debut a coupe version of its 918 Spyder concept at the Detroit Auto Show next Monday.

The German sports car maker has announced it will debut a 'spectacular' new model at the North American International Auto Show and while several rumors had indicated it would be a hard-top 918, Bloomberg is confirming as much thanks to two sources familiar with the automaker's plans.

Believed to be either a production-ready or near-production model, the vehicle is estimated to cost $670,000 and will have a V8 engine making 600-hp. This latest report made no indication that it would be a race car, as rumored.

The original concept made use of a high-tech hybrid system that combined a 500-hp 3.4-liter V8 borrowed from the RS Spyder race cars and matched it with 218-hp of electric thrust. This coupe model could use a more conventional turbocharged V8, although a hybrid setup is a strong possibility.

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